If you’re looking for a great team of knowledgeable, reliable security professionals, look no further than Superior One reputable RAPID FIREWATCH security team. With this solution, you can be sure that our fully licensed officers will not only act as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime but will also offer security beyond their fixed locations in order to maintain total security throughout every inch of your premises.

A leading security guard provider across The State of California, here at Superior One we have built our portfolio since 1999 and have thrived in the security industry by using our unrivaled expertise to bring you a service you can trust at great value for your money. From commercial security to public sector safeguarding, we offer a complete range of services across California all delivered by our expert Fire watch security team who have been fully trained and vetted to the highest industry standards.

Superior One Protective Services is the premier choice for Emergency Alarm Response and Lock-Up services in the Northern California area. We provide highly screened, licensed security officers that are trained to properly secure facilities, buildings, private properties, parking lots, and more. Using customized security strategies, dependable security officers, and stellar customer service, we protect your property and deter crime. Best of all, our dedicated lock up and alarm services are offered at the most competitive rates.

For a nominal response fee, Superior One will respond to your alarm call and investigate the activation area(s) in a timely manner. After concluding the investigation, our officers will leave a written response notification form to the owner or agent that outlines the disposition of the activation. Alarms that are determined to be “actual” will be forwarded to the local police or sheriff’s department for further action. In addition, in such circumstances, Superior One will telephone the client contact person or designated agent (from an emergency contact form) of the situation.

With increased cuts in budgets and resources, local law enforcement agencies have their hands full. Regrettably, police and sheriff dispatchers are forced to give alarm calls a lower priority for a response. As such, police and sheriff response times that exceed 1-hour durations are not uncommon. Moreover, local municipalities are now issuing exorbitant fines when a police officer or sheriff deputy responds to an alarm call and it is determined to be false.

Putting in an alarm system is a great first step in the security of your business; however, who responds when it goes off? Requiring one of your employees to respond puts your business at unnecessary risk. Is a 45- minutes to an hour response from your employee, too long if your business is being burglarized? The answer is yes.

Superior One Protective Services recognizes the need for emergency security services, whether in response to alarm malfunctions, access control failures, physical plant emergencies, terrorist events, threatened employees, and other natural disasters.

Our Emergency Services are a unique, flexible, and cost-effective means to providing experienced and vetted officers for your short-term needs. Utilizing the company’s 24- hour Dispatch Center, we can provide around-the-clock direct coordination with officers, supervisors and clients.


We provide you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your employees left your business safe, and your facility is securely locked up and alarmed.

Sometimes security issues occur when a property or business owner relies on a staff member to lock up the premises. There is a chance that staff members may forget to set the alarm or properly lock the building. At Superior One, we recognize these security issues and provide our clients with a convenient, secure solution of guaranteed lock and alarm services.

One of our reliable, experienced security officers will perform a security check of your premises and lock up and set the alarm for your facility at specified times. These security specialists are fully screened, carefully selected and completely trustworthy. The security officer will ensure that every staff member has left for the night and will check that the premises are fully secure before locking up and setting the alarm. Our skilled security officers also carefully follow any procedures required by your insurance company when locking up.

Our guaranteed lock up and alarm service is a hassle-free way to ensure that your premises are securely locked and alarmed every night. Call us today to speak with a knowledgeable and friendly Superior One executive.

Superior One alarm response is cost-effective. Over 90% of alarm activations are false and can constitute great fines by your local Police/Fire departments. Superior One Alarm response service will save you greatly with just a couple of false alarms per year, and keep you and your employees safe from harm.

Emergency Response / Fire Watch Services