If you’re looking for a great team of knowledgeable, reliable security professionals, look no further than Superior One Reputable Security Guard Team of Supervisors. With this solution, you can be sure that our fully licensed officers will not only act as a cost-effective visual deterrent against crime, but will also offer security beyond their fixed locations in order to maintain total security throughout every inch of your premises.

A leading security guard provider across The State of California, here at Superior One we have built our portfolio since 1999 and have thrived in the security industry by using our unrivalled expertise to bring you a service you can trust at great value for your money. From commercial security to public sector safeguarding, we offer a complete range of services across California all delivered by our expert security team who have been fully trained and vetted to the highest industry standards.

Supervision is an integral part of any successful security program. At Superior One, we believe that a great supervisor should combine the elements of support, guidance and development. Supervision must be given the education and training to assess and understand each situation, the authority to make the appropriate decision, and the support to enforce the decision with the client and the corporate office.

Guard Tour Tracking software helps monitor the time and activity of your security officers while
they are performing patrols at their sites.